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Clive Harffy

I am working on my sermon based on John 10 at this time. Just in case these illustrations might help anyone: my wife and I used to live in Madrid, Spain; on a visit to Segovia we were in a small village above the town. A heated argument was taking place in a local bar (cafe) it turned out that the owner of some sheep was berating two hired hands. Their crime?, the night before there had been a fiesta in the village, not wishing to miss the fun they had abandoned the sheep and gone to the fiesta, the sheep had been found wandering the streets, no doubt looking for the shepherds. A true story illustrating the truth that the hired man does not care about the sheep.

On another occasion, in the hills near Madrid, we met a goatherd, all his goats would come to him individually when he called them by name, he knew each one and they knew him. I'm going back to my sermon preparation now, shalom.

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